Fix or Flip Finance Solutions designed with your needs in mind.

Have you got a project that you want to start, but don’t have the funds to back it?


Fix or Flip Finance are offering Interest-Free* finance on a range of small loans to the value of $5000 for up to 12 months!

We have partnered with various companies such as Bristol Paints and AXT Turbo to bring you a complete package where you can receive your materials and have your installation/work completed, wrapped up in one Interest-Free* package.

Here are some affordable renovation tips to consider when you’re renovating your home, fix or flip finance solutions,

Wanting to renovate your kitchen? Wanting to upgrade the performance of your car? Whatever the project is, give the team a call on 1300 924 540 and we shall set you up with one of our project managers, and they can discuss with what options of Interest-Free* finance we have available.



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