How does Fix or Flip Finance work?

Obtaining Fix or Flip Finance for your project is easy just follow these 6 simple steps:

Step 1: Work out what project you want to complete.

Step 2:  Get all your quotes from the various tradesman and retailers such as paint, wallpaper, even things like paint brushes and rollers, car parts, whatever is needed in the project make sure it is included in the quote.

If you’re doing the job yourself. We recommend you get 3 quotes, dont always pick the cheapest, but the one that will deliver the result you are seeking.

Step 3:  Choose the winning quotes

Step 4:  Contact the Fix or Flip finance team on 1300 924 540. As part of the Flip or Fix finance application process, you’ll need to supply your quotes.

Step 5: Based on your individual situation, a formal approval is usually given within 48 hours.

Step 6: Once your Fix or Flip finance is approved, you will be provided with the support of one of our project managers. They will make sure your trades are paid as per their quotes once they have completed their tasks to industry standards.

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Fix or Flip Renovation Finance

Designed to help you work out how much you can spend, then our project managers work with you to help you stick to your budget and allow you to complete the renovation quickly.

How is it paid back?

Once your home is sold, the Fix or Flip renovation finance is paid on settlement.

We know that a well renovated and presented home sells for more and much quicker than unrenovated homes.

In most cases, your home should sell for more than the value of the renovation* which means more money in your pocket after settlement.

Your trades and suppliers are paid during your Fix or Flip renovation project after sign off by you and our project manager, so they don’t have to wait until settlement occurs.

What happens if you choose to take the house off the market?

We know there is a chance you’ll fall in love with your home all over again and want to stay. We work with you to look at ways to restructure your finances enabling you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

If you’re using Fix or Flip Finance to renovate

Then for the first 12 months you simply make the agreed repayments which are interest free. If you pay off the loan within the agreed period then no interest will be charged.

If you need to extend the term then we will work with you to secure the most competitive finance rate for you.

fix or flip finance, renovation finance, finance for renovations, house flip finance,

Are you a property investor?

Fix or Flip property renovation finance is designed to help you as well.

Talk to one of our Fix or Flip renovation finance experts to learn how you can apply for our unique Platinum program

Our Fix or Flip renovation finance solution is ideal for renovations of any size from $3000 or more, interest free for the first 12 months!

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